Confessions of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer

I am still struggling a bit with  finding the right articles for this blog. It’s not that there is not much to say about agile development but finding the right balance between the theory on one hand and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV reality at the other hand. I think it would be good if Satya takes care about agile and scrum in its most pure form and I can take care of the more down-to-earth part 🙂 .

I would like to share some memories about my first experiences with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Before that I used to work with an ERP system which was provided with all sorts of useless features like version control, automatic merging, full dependency tracking for fixes,  layers and a database with referential integrity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was like a cold shower: version control? no, we have a Version List and a Modified flag. Different layers? no, we just have one version of each object and we merge them with a two-way merge. Referential integrity in the database? no, we just program our deletions in triggers, etc. The first time I was involved in a multi developer scenario was also quite surprising: ensure your object cache is empty, otherwise you overwrite your colleagues changes, no exclusive locks for your objects. Changes got lost because someone imported a new version, no traceability of who did what, etc. In the bustle of everyday life it became quite difficult to break through this rithem, but somewhere in my mind a background thread for improving the process  was started.

Why am I actually writing all these things? Well, I want to bring the good old days into memory and compare that with what is possible today. Hopefully it will inspire you to think about how you can adopt Agile in your development process. In the following posts I would like to zoom in on the different aspects of the process, starting with Version Control.

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About ronvdw

Solution Architect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions with more than 15 years of experience in the ERP domain. Specialized in integrations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other MIcrosoft products. Architect of the the Team Foundation Server / Dynamics NAV integration which enables true agile software development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including version control, automated builds and testing. I have been closely involved by the implementation of scrum in our development team.

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