Many teams believe they are Agile because they are following the prescribed Agile practices. E.g. A team may think they are Agile because they are doing daily stand up meetings, sprint planning meetings, retrospectives etc.


The mistake that teams often make is that they tend to treat these practices as ‘ceremonies’, thereby focusing more on getting the ‘ceremony’ done, and not so much on doing it right so as to derive the benefit that the practice is intended to provide. Take, for instance, daily stand up meetings. A team can be said to ‘be’ Agile if they can achieve the following benefits through these meetings:


  • Instilling a clear sense of purpose about what needs to get done
  • Focus on efficiently moving the work forward
  • Early identification of risks and blockers
  • Team members helping each other with share obstacles


However, many teams think they are Agile, just because…

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About ronvdw

Solution Architect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions with more than 15 years of experience in the ERP domain. Specialized in integrations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other MIcrosoft products. Architect of the the Team Foundation Server / Dynamics NAV integration which enables true agile software development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including version control, automated builds and testing. I have been closely involved by the implementation of scrum in our development team.

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  1. ssmantha

    Well said!! Being Agile is the trait we are looking for in our teams. adaptation to change is an important criteria to understand if a team is moving towards agility.


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