Is Agile not important anymore?

You maybe wondered why there were no new posts in the past two months. Don’t worry, agile is still important and it is still possible for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The past months were quite challenging from several reasons. Microsoft Dynamics 2013 came out and we are fully focussing on getting our solutions ready on the new architecture. Meanwhile Microsoft Team Foundation Server / Visual Studio 2012 came out. Windows 8 ….. In the same period I became father of a sweet little daughter… So, like I said: challenging times!

But I have many ideas for new posts. I really want to write a number of posts about developer isolation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Another interesting topic is the license change of visual studio: test manager is now part of the premium edition! If you have a msdn subscription this beautiful piece of tooling may be in your toolkit. I have been working on the testing part of our Agile process in the past months which resulted in a significant improvement of the process. This would not have been possible without proper version and build control which forms a basic element of our agile process.

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About ronvdw

Solution Architect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions with more than 15 years of experience in the ERP domain. Specialized in integrations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other MIcrosoft products. Architect of the the Team Foundation Server / Dynamics NAV integration which enables true agile software development for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including version control, automated builds and testing. I have been closely involved by the implementation of scrum in our development team.

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