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Ron van der Wijngaard has more than 15 years of experience with software development in the ERP domain. The last 10 years he became a Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist. Through the years he has worked in both customization and standard product development projects. The main focus has always been on product development. Since 2005 he is working at To-Increase as a Technical Solution Architect for the Business Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Ron is the architect of the NAV side of the the Team Foundation Server / Dynamics NAV integration. The first achievement was Source Control Integration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV straight from the Visual Studio Team Explorer. The next milestone was a seamless integration with TFS Build system, including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV testability framework. Ron is one of the drivers of scrum within the To-Increase development team.


Satya Srikant Mantha is  programming enthusiast and technical evangelist, with more than 8 years of extensive professional experience in Microsoft and related technologies. He is also a Certified SCRUM Master (SCRUM ALLIANCE), and  Microsoft Business Management Solutions Specialist for Dynamics AX.

Satya is the lead developer and architect on .NET side for the tools team and he is working on Version Control integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and TFS version control, Build  Automation for NAV using TFS and Automated testing.

Satya enjoys work involving implementation and integration of .NET and related Microsoft Technologies including Microsoft Dynamics NAV  and AX , apart from playing around with new software technologies.

He successfully built development tools which assists ERP teams to develop better solutions using Agile Practices. Using TFS 2010, Visual Studio 2010 he integrated the Development Processes with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By automating the development processes using the tools and technology, he was able to educate the practices, which in turn is helping people focus more on building innovative products rather than maintaining them.

His latest work include a successful integration of ERP on Cloud, a pretty stable integration interface to a third party vendor.

He is currently focusing on technologies surrounding ERP on cloud, Mobile Connectivity and many more. His areas of interest also include helping Development Teams work in a more structured way using Agile practices. Along with Ron, Satya is  also a co-driver for agile practices within the To-Increase development team.

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